Lawyers‘ Office Olodar Prebanic & Arela Jusufbasic-Goloman is a successor of the Lawyers’ Office Bojana Tkalcic-Dulic, Olodar Prebanic & Arela Jusufbasic-Goloman, which was founded in 1994 by lawyer Bojana Tkalcic-Dulic. Lawyer Olodar Prebanic joined the Office in 1997 while lawyer Arela Jusufbasic-Goloman joined in 2005.

Lawyer Bojana Tkalcic-Dulic has decided to retire at the end of 2018 and consequently, to stop practising law. Lawyers and Partners in the Office, Olodar Prebanic and Arela Jusufbasic-Goloman continue their usual business and the Office’s practice with their team of associates.

The Lawyer’s Office was founded by BojanaTkalčić – Đulić, after she spent a part of her career in courts and the Ministry of Justice of BIH. Presently, this is a 7-lawyer firm which makes it one of the larger legal offices in B&H.

Its narrow specialization includes corporate law, M&A transactions, banking, privatization, competition law, as well as dispute resolution and other related areas of legal practice in which the Lawyer’s Office has acquired an indisputable reputation for outstanding quality of services rendered to its foreign and local clients.

OTHERS ABOUT the Lawyer’s Office “… efficient, providing usable and detailed advice, and very transparent in billing”, “…. the firm’s standard of English is very high,” “…high-quality and visible team,” “…very high-quality local law firm”, “…very well-established disputes department.”