21 Sep TLA Macedonia: Changes to the Law on Construction Land


In its 2014-2018 program, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia incorporated a project that shall enable electronic execution of real estate purchase agreements. For the purpose of implementing the project, an appropriate legal amendment has to be introduced to the Law on Construction Land, regulating the procedure for electronic sale of construction land owned by the Republic of Macedonia, as well as the manner of concluding real estate purchase agreements. Therefore, an amendment to the Law on Construction Land existing provisions appears to be inevitable.

The new Law on Construction Land is premised on the following principles:

  • guaranteeing the right to property and its legal protection;
  • creating rights and obligations serving individuals and community at large;
  • distinguishing the rights over construction land from the rights over an object;
  • establishing transparency in sale of construction land owned by the State;
  • facilitating overall efficiency in construction land sale process.

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